Blaze FireEdit

Author: Scarkit
Allegainces: FireClan, IceClan, EarthClan, WaterClan, LightClan, DarkClan, DarknessClan and The Elements

Sires:Element Sires

Status: Just Started
Precceding: None
Secceding: Icey Skies
Spellcheckers: None
Burnstar has inform that the clans are in danger of darkness. But 2 cats from each must save them.


Burnstar woke up to StarClan he saw Firestar, Blazestar, and Burnthorn.

Blazestar said, "Hello son, we brought cause of darkness is coming and you need help.'

Burnstar ask, "You mean DarkClan they are oh k father."

Burnthorn mewed, "Son you have to understand that it is someone else."

Burnstar snarled, "But, oh k I understand."

Blazestar said, "Wait I'm sending you your siblings. Their names are Ivykit and Foxkit."

Two ktis appear one tom and a she-kit.

Chapter 1: Burning Rain: Flamepaw's POVEdit

Foxthorn and I went out for battle moves training with my friend Beetlepaw and his mentor Clawblaze. I hear foot steps right behind me and I saw Coldkit and Rushkit chasing my tail.