Element SiresEdit

Author: Scarkit
Sires Status: Just Started
How Many Books: 6 in each set
Titles: Blaze Fire
Allegainces: FireClan, IceClan, WaterClan, EarthClan, DarkClan, LightClan, The Elements
Spellchecker: None
The cats of the elements are in trouble of darkness will they get destory or get help from the Elements


Set OneEdit

    1. Blaze Fire: Burnstar has inform that the clans are in danger of darkness. But 2 cats from each must save them.

Author's NoteEdit

Clans CatsEdit

The 2 cats in each clan are one male and one female.


Flamepaw: dark ginger tom with blue eyes and black stripes.

Silverpaw: silver she-cat with amber eyes and black stripes. MCA


Frozenpaw: pure white tom with icy blue eyes and light blue stripes.

Berrypaw: brown she-cat with green eyes and white stripes.


Rootpaw: dark brown tom with dark blue eyes and green stripes.

Stempaw: green she-cat she-cat with brown eyes.