Peeta is a son of a baker, also in The Hunger Games Sires and Hunger Games Sires.



Peeta was beaten by his mother when he was very young. He met Katniss when he gave her burnt bread.

Hunger Games SiresEdit

Welcome BackEdit

First seen watching tv about the Hunger Games.

Peeta he met Katniss on the train.

He was late for training cause of over sleeping. He talk to Katniss after she made a bullzeye. He hears Clove and Marvel talking about a Career and how good the dessecstion was from Cato.

He can't sleep and sees Katniss awake they talk.

He gets worried about Katniss and how strange she is acting lately. He sees Cato, Glimmer, Marvel, and Clove talking while Katniss was standing near them.

He talks to Haymitch after he gets back from training room. Katniss hears and she runs for room.

During his interview he tells that he loves Katniss. After his interview he sees Katniss on the phone with a fellow Career Marvel about a plan. Katniss sees him and runs for her room.


He is very bold, smart and very good firguring out stagries.



Hunger Games

Hunger Games

  • He hates Cato but he like him since he will save his life.
  • He has a crush on Katniss.
  • He will turn evil then back to good.
  • He is a character from the Hunger Games.



He has a crush on her every since he met eyes on each other.


He is in alliance with her.


He hates him since Katniss has a crush on him.


Camoflage: to diescause himself during battle.

Knife: given to by his mother.[[Category: ]]